Truing Systems

The Delta Wheel Truing Solution’s RTS1000 Under-Floor Wheel Lathe and RTS2000 Above-Floor Wheel Lathe are precise, easy to operate machines that are designed with the latest technology utilizing Fanuc CNC Controls (Main Control and Hand Pendant).   The design of the Delta’s wheel truing systems allows for straightforward installation, easy operation with user friendly controls, and a long service life is the result of the heavy duty construction.

The RTS1000 Under-Floor Wheel Lathe supports freight locomotives, passenger vehicles, trucks/bogies and single wheel sets.  The RTS2000 Above-Floor Wheel Lathe will supports trucks/bogies from freight locomotives, passenger vehicles and single wheel sets.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • No need for operator to be next to the wheel during the truing process
  • Safe-keeps operators away from razor sharp shavings
  • Takes approximately 30-45 minutes to re-profile
  • CNC controlled for accurate profile
  • Accurate profile with superior finish
  • Custom profiles per your specification
  • Maximum wheel life with minimal wheel loss
  • Eliminated the cost associated with shipping the wheel set to a reconditioning facility
  • Reduces labor and cost
  • Bottom line, cost savings and quick return on investment

Requirements for Operation

  • Single point power connection: 460V 3-Phase 300amp
  • The single point power connection will supply power to the control cabinet & hydraulic power unit
  • Basic hand tools, measuring device, and personal safety equipment

Machine Specifications