WTL8200 CNC Portable Wheel Lathe

Simplifying Portable Precision Wheel Truing In A Workshop Or Out In The Field

Unlike obsolete manual lathes, CNC-controlled portable wheel lathes enable

safe, precise, fast wheel truing onsite or in shop

Wheel-related service disruptions can easily cost rail operations $10,000 or more per incident, including downtime.  This includes time waiting for repairs, the cost of shipping wheel sets or moving entire locomotives to reconditioning facilities, outsourcing wheel profiling to mobile contractors, lost revenue from canceled train departures, and even Federal Rail Administration (FRA) fines.  (Read More)

Portable Wheel Lathe Advantages

  • Use in shop or on-site
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • CNC Low Profile Portable Locomotive Wheel Lathe allows minimal brake rigging removal while giving more access room on 6 axle locomotives
  • No need for operator to be under the locomotive during operation
  • Safe – keeps operators away from razor sharp shavings
  • CNC controlled for accurate profile
  • Perfect profile with superior finish
  • Custom profiles per your specification
  • Maximum wheel life with minimal wheel loss
  • Eliminates the cost associated with shipping the wheel sets or an entire locomotive to a reconditioning facility
  • Reduces labor and cost
  • Bottom line – cost savings and quick return on investment

Patented In:  United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, India and Germany